Thompson Reuters joins R3 Blockchain Consortium

Thompson Reuters is the latest company to join a consortium of institutions, headed up by New York fintech firm R3, dedicated to developing use cases for the blockchain technology in financial markets.

R3 Enterprise: Blockchain technology via HPE infrastructure

Discover R3 Enterprise, a blockchain platform that enables businesses to transact directly with smart contracts using HPE’s mission critical infrastructure. Learn more at

What is the Thomson Reuters Certified Implementer Program?

David Bukovac, Sr. Director of Strategic Alliances, explains the Certified Implementer Program. To learn more, visit:

Thomson Reuters Public Private Partnership Forum | Blockchain & Crypotcurrencies

Joseph Raczynski, Technologist & Futurist with Thomson Reuters, discusses blockchain technology and the impact of cryptocurrencies on the legal, financial, and regulatory markets during the Thomson Reuters Public Private Partnership Forum in New York on March 7, 2018.

New Layer Zero Blockchain with $1B in Funding?! Venom Crypto

I need a haircut, Bitcoin halving is coming, and there’s a new layer zero blockchain with 1 billion dollars of funding?! Let’s review the Venom blockchain, crypto, their web3 fund and don’t forget to BUY the best mining rig in 2023 here –

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Cheap transactions, fast transactions, and a lot of money is what makes Venom and their layer zero blockchain interesting. I am getting fired up with the BTC halving approaching, and I am expanding my mining farm with more chia mining rigs. Let’s review Venom the cryptocurrency and blockchain as well as Venom Ventures and the Venom Foundation!

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Arbitrum ARB cryptocurrency review –

⏰ Timestamps ⏰
00:00 Let’s explore a new blockchain!
01:08 Btc halving is coming up new bullrun soon?
01:53 The venom blockchain high tps and low cost?
02:47 Developing and creating dApps on the Venom Blockchain
03:38 Focusing on organizations and governments?
04:04 The Venom token has not launched yet
04:42 Testnet has just launched
05:51 What can you do on the Venom chain?
05:46 How to use the Venom blockchain?
08:04 What makes the Venom chain special?
10:44 Multiple chains used for scalability
12:14 Will the Venom chain become a big player?

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