UN official says cryptocurrencies make it harder to combat child slavery, terror financing and money laundering

Cryptocurrencies are making it more difficult for law enforcement to prosecute criminals guilty of cyber crime, terror financing, money laundering and abuse of children, according to a United Nations official.

How Bitcoin Helps Palestinians with Alex Gladstein & Fadi Elsalameen


In this interview, I talk to Alex Gladstein and Fadi Elsalameen. We discuss declining economic conditions in Palestine, the underlying monetary problems, and how Bitcoin can help.

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00:00:00 Introduction
00:09:00 History of de-development
00:22:02 Monetary corruption
00:29:30 Rebuild or exit?
00:44:23 Aid, dependence, & resistance
00:50:27 How can Bitcoin help?
00:59:42 How can we make a difference?

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“The only sign of hope when I’m looking at this is actually looking at something like bitcoin because you are able to circumvent all these different levels of restrictions, whether it’s the Isralis or the Palestinian Authority, or even Hamas.”
— Fadi Elsalameen

Location: Remotely
Date: Wednesday 20th October
Project: Human Rights Foundation, American Security Project
Role: Chief Strategy Officer, Adjunct Senior Fellow

Palestine is a country ravaged by 4 wars in 15 years. However, military conflict is only part of the economic challenges the country faces. There is monetary warfare being waged against its citizens.

Crucial services that people in most developing countries take for granted, like simply transferring money, are almost impossible. It’s exacerbated by economic policies that have left Palestinians dependent on the outside world.

Can Bitcoin allow the people to peacefully fight back against arduous barriers and capital controls?

In this interview, I talk to Alex Gladstein and Fadi Elsalameen. We discuss declining economic conditions in Palestine, the underlying monetary problems, and how Bitcoin can help.

Financial Crime 2022: Emerging Trends and Typologies – ACAMS Australasia Conference

ACAMS 2nd Annual Australasia AML & Anti-Financial Crime Conference Conference
June 20-21, 2022 | Sydney, Australia

Financial Crime 2022: Emerging Trends and Typologies

Dr. Nathan Newman, Executive Intelligence and Risk Assessment, National Australia Bank (NAB)

Stephen Dametto, Commander Counter Terrorism, Australian Federal Police

Vandhna Narayan, Group General Manager Compliance, BSP Financial Group Limited

Tom McNally, Head of AML Solutions – APAC, Quantexa

Learn more about ACAMS events: https://www.acams.org/en/events/conferences

The MOST used methods for MONEY LAUNDERING – AML Tutorial

In this video we cover some of the most used methods used by criminals for money laundering.

The ways to launder money is always evolving as criminals have come up with creative ways to launder their illicit funds. Unfortunately their creativity comes at a cost to businesses if you are unable to detect and prevent this money from entering your system.

While you might be aware of some of the money laundering techniques, here is a detailed description of the most used methods of money laundering:

– Smurfing
– Online Marketplaces
– Electronic money
– Offshore Accounts
– Anonymous Shell accounts
– Money mules
– Casinos
– Cryptocurrencies
– Shell Banks
– Instant Messaging
– Gift Cards
– Online Games


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How to Clean Dirty Money | The Business of Crime

From crypto entrepreneurs in North Korea to major banks in the City of London, money laundering is everywhere.

Money laundering is about making illicitly earned cash look like it came from a legitimate source. It’s hard to say exactly, but the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime estimates that anywhere between $800 billion to $2 trillion of dirty cash is ‘washed’ through the global economy every year.

This is the Business of Crime, a new series looking at how different parts of the criminal economy function. In this episode, we’re looking at money laundering – how it’s done and why it’s so important for criminals around the world to clean their dirty cash.

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