Crypto companies join forces for new compliance solution

A group of US-based cryptocurrency companies have launched a new platform aimed at helping firms comply with the Travel Rule regulatory requirement.

Gary Gensler GRILLED by U.S. House! �� FULL BREAKDOWN w/ MetaLawMan ��

The House Financial Services Committee held a hearing on oversight of the Securities and Exchange Commission this morning. Oversight hearings are normally a snoozefest but this one had the potential for fireworks. Crypto enthusiasts have been frustrated by Gensler’s refusal to approve a spot bitcoin ETF and by his stepped-up enforcement efforts against crypto exchanges and others in the community, which critics say is an attempt by the SEC to gain control over the industry.

Guest: James A. Murphy – Founder/Principal
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00:00 intro
01:33 Gensler shills Algorand
07:35 Ethereum vs Gensler
12:50 Dodd Frank & SVB Insider Trading
18:06 Bad faith actor
22:17 How many cases has Gensler won?
25:53 FTX Regulation Failure
31:21 Bank crypto custody services
35:00 Tom Emmer ROASTS Gensler
42:49 Davidson wants to FIRE Gensler
49:28 Crypto Scorecard
53:00 Audience Poll
53:24 Coinbase Stock
53:50 Judge Torres
54:00 Fire Gensler?
54:28 outro

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~Gary Gensler Grilled by U.S. House! �� FULL BREAKDOWN w/ MetaLawMan ��~
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Crypto Compliance Career Session Recruiter Showcase


Imagine being able to ask the top recruiter for Chainalysis questions about a crypto career or a Global web3 headhunter on how to navigate the current market. This is your chance !!

This week we have ⬇️

Stephen Sargeant – Deputy Manager of AML investigations at crypto exchange turned web3 content creator and owner of the only crypto compliance focused media production house. Has been a recruiter, hiring manager and knows the ins and outs of the industry – including whose hiring

Yanni Turner- Recruitment Manager for the most well known company in crypto compliance, Chainalysis with almost a decade of recruitment experience most recently in cryptocurrency and blockchain

Sam Wellalage – Global headhunter and recruiter in the web3 and crypto space. Has an international perspective and advice for job seekers in this market

Zachary Plotkin – North American recruiter with a sense of humour and covers many different areas including fintech, crypto and traditional AML and Compliance.

���� How To Create A Winning Crypto Compliance Resume ����

���� How To Create A Winning Crypto Compliance Resume ����

Welcome to the episode 29 of the 2nd season of “WE WERE ON A BREAK” – Ross Voice. The series where the host, Stephen Brent Sargeant (Compliance Consultant to Bitfinex) talks to industry professionals during the CoronaVirus (COVID-19) quarantine and gains industry insights and expertise. As a recruiter and industry professional, Stephen breaks down some of the myths around resumes and how to create a powerful resume that will impress recruiters.

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In this episode the host, Stephen Brent Sargeant discusses how some of the major misses with Resumes and how professional resume writers and career coaches can help formulate more dynamic and interesting resumes.

If you are looking for a job or struggling to obtain interviews this is the podcast for you.

**This interview was recorded on February 28, 2022
The views and opinions expressed in this episode (and all episodes) are those of the host and the guests. They do not purport to reflect the opinions or views of their employers, contractors or any organization they may be affiliated with now or in the future.

Discussion Topics
• Disclaimer: Why I don’t believe in resumes, but understand that they are still an essential part of the hiring process for 95% of organizations. I believe personal brand via various social media platforms are more significant in today’s job market (especially in DeFi, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, NFTs
• Recruiters aren’t reading your full resume line by line, so its time to start focusing on the areas that they are reading and making them standout.
• I don’t see the need to have a resume longer than 2 pages. It seems like overkill and recruiters and hiring managers are probably not reading it
• If you don’t have crypto experience it is best to put a highlight of qualifications at the top of your resume, along with training / education and then place the non-crypto related work experience next
• Take as many crypto compliance courses as you can to showcase on you resume (mentioned: Chainalysis, Ciphertrace, Confirm, Solidus labs, Elliptic/ ManchesterCF,
• Put a proper naming convention on your resume. (i.e. Stephen Sargeant_Resume) and something that is relevant to your name
• If your resume is format heavy it is best to make sure its submitted as a .pdf versus in word format, that way the formatting is not lost when downloaded or opened
• Highlight achievements that may differ than the average candidate. Have you contributed to working groups or with international organizations (mentioned: Interpol, Project Participate, Europol, UNODC)
• Don’t take my word for it, spend the time and money and invest in a career coach and / or professional resume writer, as it could change how much compensation you get (mentioned: Clementine Crooks, Lama Younes, Nelu Sund)
• Find time to spend time gaining experience working on projects within the industry to add some life to you resume and to support your industry and community (mentioned: Malcolm Wright / ATII)
• Use the same name on your resume, application submissions and on your LinkedIn. Also make sure that your LinkedIn and resume have the same work experience, etc.

Stephen Brent Sargeant (Host)
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• Business Related Matters (Let’s Collab): [email protected]

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Bitcoin Hovers Between $29K-$30K But Is The Stage Being Set for $31K?

Bitcoin is currently hovering between $29,000 and $30,000, with investors and bulls taking a long-term perspective amidst uncertain times caused by new regulations affecting fiat on-ramps and exchanges.

However, the weakening of the US Dollar and the upcoming interest rate hike call by the Federal Reserve in May could potentially push the cryptocurrency to $31,000. Additionally, Bitcoin’s next halving is only a year away.

Ethereum has also experienced significant gains this year, holding a massive 72% increase in year-to-date value. The Shanghai “Shapella” Upgrade has been crucial for layer two protocols, with Optimism and Arbitrum still holding major pumps from Shapella.

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